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Carrier Infinity Return Air Purifier

September 24, 2021

Carrier has launched the Infinity return air purifier to help inactivate coronavirus in filtered air. The air purifier is an essential part of a strategy for improving indoor air quality in the home. Today’s tightly constructed, energy-efficient homes can make it difficult for airborne pollutants to escape. In order to address this challenge, Carrier introduced the Infinity® return air purifier, its latest indoor air quality solution designed to help create a healthier home.

Installed and mounted in the return air duct, the air purifier offers proven, third-party tested effectiveness in inactivating 99% of select airborne viruses and germs, including coronavirus trapped by the MERV 15 filter.

The Infinity return air purifier features Captures & Kills® technology, which treats the air using a three-step “charge / capture / kill” process. First the purifier creates electrically charged ions that attach themselves to airborne dust, pollen, viruses, germs and other particles as they pass through. Then the ionized particles are pulled toward an oppositely charged, pleated MERV 15 rated filter and captured at an extremely high rate. Finally, captured airborne microbes on the pleated filter are subjected to an intense electric field that inactivates 99% of select viruses and bacteria.

A part of the Healthy Homes suite of Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program’s indoor air quality solutions, the Infinity return air purifier offers quiet-operation and efficiency. It is ideal for applications where the furnace air handler is not easily accessed by the homeowner. The Infinity return air purifier is installed inside the living space, allowing for convenient and easy filter cartridge replacement.

“Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, where concentrations of some pollutants are often two to five times higher than outside air,” said Holly Rhodes, Associate Director, Indoor Air Quality Products, Carrier. “Carrier is constantly striving to innovate and create products that will help families make their indoor environments healthier. The Infinity return air purifier provides an effective and low-maintenance option for homeowners to help inactivate airborne viruses and pathogens in their home as part of a mitigation strategy including hand washing, sanitization and other measures recommended by health experts.”

To learn more about the Infinity return air purifier and the results of third party testing, visit

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Carrier Infinity Return Air Purifier