Lochinvar Marks 50-Year Partnership with Cummins-Wagner

Long-standing relationship underscores Lochinvar’s commitment to customers and partners

Lochinvar celebrates 50 years of partnership with manufacturer’s representative, Cummins-Wagner. The partnership, which was first established on Feb. 1, 1974, has resulted in one of Lochinvar’s longest-standing relationships.

Cummins-Wagner, based out of Annapolis Junction, Maryland, is a manufacturers’ representative for Lochinvar’s full line of water and space heating equipment. The company represents territories from southern Delaware, Washington, D.C., Virginia and West Virginia. Cummins-Wagner has been a key partner for Lochinvar, serving in all the ways that a manufacturer expects from its best-performing representatives.

“Cummins-Wagner is comprised of knowledgeable, applied-product representatives. The representatives are complemented by a skilled staff of aftermarket support and a technical team with the know-how that matters,” said Lochinvar’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Mike Lahti.

In the mechanical applied-product business environment, nothing is linear. It takes a skilled team to manage each application to find the right solution and back it up with their expertise. The Cummins-Wagner team has supported Lochinvar customers in this manner for 50 years.

“Cummins-Wagner is not only an excellent partner for Lochinvar, but also a key fixture within their market that all distributors, contractors and end-users know they can rely on,” shared Lochinvar Regional Manager Ken Salera.