Southern PHC is devoted to the best interests of the plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractors and wholesalers in the South. We have been publishing relevant industry information for over 70 years.

Southern PHC

Southern PHC has been serving the plumbing, heating and air conditioning industries for over 72 years. In addition to the print issue that is published bi-monthly, Southern PHC has a strong online presence through our website, youtube channel, facebook page, twitter feed and industry partners. We publish critical and timely information relevant to contractors and other industry professionals. We are also working with industry leaders and educators to facilitate workforce development in an effort to combat the challenge of labor shortages facing trade professions in the U.S.

In order to engage up and coming professionals, Southern PHC is on the forefront of communicating in forms most valued by younger generations. Our content is available on-the-go, 24 / 7. Contractors who are planning projects or who need solutions to problems they encounter in the field will find helpful information at their fingertips.

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