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Zoeller’s Aquanot Fit 508 Battery Back-up System

March 19, 2019
Zoeller’s Aquanot Fit 508 Battery Back-up System is a self-testing, 12-volt DC battery back-up system with built-in wifi for Z Control connectivity. The Fit controller is an automatic charging and protection system, including a low battery indicator and alarm, redundant high-water switch, self-testing technology, and built-in wifi. The included battery case will accommodate maximum battery dimensions of 13" (330 mm) x 7-1/2" (191 mm) x 9-1/2" (241 mm) and fits all group size 27, 29, and 31 batteries and is made from non-corrodible polyethylene. An integrated DC pump discharge check valve, additional AC pump check valve, tee, and adapter are included for easy installation. This charger uses the latest switch mode technology available. This allows for an extremely efficient charger in a compact design. Charger is also cURus and cCSAus approved. Diagnostic logic will recognize and prevent several common issues. Smart reporting to the cloud provides peace of mind.
Aquanot Fit 508 Battery Back-up System


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