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Goulds Water Technology launches AGS Series axial grinder pumps

December 12, 2018
Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem brand, is introducing its new AGS Series axial grinder pumps that provide best-in-class performance against the challenges of solids, flushables and trash present in residential wastewater applications. With a semi-open impeller design, including an eight-hole cutter plate and three blade cutter, the AGS Series reduces problem waste to fine slurry, minimizing downtime and service challenges. “Today’s residential wastewater stream poses more problems to plumbing systems than ever before with the proliferation of flushable wipes and other unconventional solids/trash items,” said Bo Gell, Americas Product Manager, Wastewater, Xylem. “The AGS axial grinders were developed with reliability and ease of service in mind. The pump technology tackles wastewater efficiently, which means a worry-free experience for homeowners.” The AGS Series is a true 2-inch discharge, making sewage pump replacement easy with no plumbing adjustments needed. A fixed balanced attachment simplifies installation, and is backed by a three-year warranty and industry-leading Goulds Water Technology service and support. The AGS Series is available in single phase .5 hp (115V or 230V) and 1 hp (115V or 230V) options to fit a variety of residential sewage applications. It’s built to last with a stainless steel volute, eight-hole cutter plate and three blade cutter, a cast iron impeller, and a hardfaced silicon carbide on silicon carbide mechanical seal. “We are actively advancing our wastewater product portfolio and technologies to stay abreast of the ever-changing residential wastewater environment,” Gell added. “By doing so, we’re not only able to combat contemporary wastewater issues; we can also better protect our aging infrastructure.” More details on the AGS Series TDH and flow rates include: • The .5hp model has a 42-foot TDH and a 46 gpm flow • The 1hp product has a 66-foot TDH and 53 gpm flow The Goulds Water Technology AGS Series is Built in the USA with proven grinder/cutter/impeller technology that has been used in other global Xylem brands for years. The new product line also points to the continual expansion of the Goulds Water Technology wastewater portfolio, designed to solve virtually any wastewater challenge.
Goulds Water Technology launches AGS Series axial grinder pumps