ASA & NAED 2021 Virtual Fly-in

A rare opportunity on July 14 to engage with law makers on important policy changes.

Given the rapid policy and political changes in Washington, DC over the past few months, it is critical that the plumbing, heating and cooling industry has a strong voice. Taxes, infrastructure and regulatory policy are being reshaped on Capitol Hill. The changes taking place will affect the industry for the next ten to fifteen years and beyond.

To give industry professionals a voice with decision-makers, American Supply Association (ASA) has partnered with the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) to host the 2021 ASA/NAED Virtual Fly-In. Taking place on July 14, the Virtual Fly-In will provide the opportunity for direct dialogue with Senators and Members of Congress on important issues facing the industry.

This rare opportunity to engage lawmakers from the convenience of your regular office, will be essential in having direct influence on legislation being debated in both chambers. Current critical industry issues include equitable business taxation, capital gains, dividend, and estate taxes, changes to deductions, infrastructure investment, and regulatory oversight.

For more information view the informational brochure online, and register today to make your voice heard.

ASA & NAED 2021 Virtual Fly-in


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