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Marketair Easybend

March 12, 2021

Marketair Inc., a supplier of HVAC/R components based in Edison, New Jersey, has expanded the Easybend line of soft copper refrigeration lineset bending kits.

The new product additions include a twenty-six foot long extended lineset bending kit as well as a 3/4" diameter mandrel. Easybend is a quick, easy and reliable lineset bender. Both the original thirteen foot kit as well as the new twenty-six foot kit include mandrels for the four lineset sizes commonly used in ductless and VRF/VRV installations. The new twenty-six foot mandrels permit the installer easy passage through walls and around obstacles. The mandrels also enable multiple compound bends without kinking 25-foot linesets.

Another Easybend addition is a 3/4" outer diameter mandrel that’s color-coded white and is available only in a thirteen foot length. It was developed specifically from contractor requests for a bending mandrel that accommodates larger lineset suction lines commonly used in ducted air conditioning systems.

Conventional pipe benders require pipe insulation removal and replacement. They can handle only one line at a time, don’t easily permit delicate adjustments and are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Easybend mandrels prevent linesets from collapsing or kinking during bending and permit any lineset configuration without insulation removal, replacement and refastening. Easybend also allows simultaneous bending of both copper lines, resulting in an expedient, accurate and attractive installation.

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Marketair Easybend