Hydronic Systems Training with Taco's John Barba

Within this past year, the Southern PHC team had the pleasure of meeting John Barba and experiencing his teaching style first hand. We visited the Taco Comfort Solutions manufacturing facility in Cranston, Rhode Island and our editor, Natalie Forster, attended Barba’s plumbing hydronics 2-day training session.

The experience was like no other; Barba keeps students on their toes and completely entertained. You never know when you might get called on, and when you do, be prepared to laugh or be laughed at. Nonetheless, contractors who choose to attend the training class will walk away with an in-depth knowledge of hydronic systems. Natalie was blown away by the high-level questions that were asked and scenarios that students brought to the table, to which Barba would offer explanations in a real-world, digestible context.

John Barba, National Director of Training for Cranston, RI-based Taco Comfort Solutions, is now celebrating his 25th year as a trainer. He’s been in the heating industry most of his life, growing up in his family’s plumbing and heating business outside of Boston. John’s practical experience includes everything from ditch digging and drain cleaning to boiler piping and PEX installing, as well as business management and contractor sales. He is the 2012-2014 winner of the Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence, and was voted the Industry’s Best Instructor and Trainer in 2015 by AHRI.