SpeedClean and HVAC School Release Free “Coil Cleaning Guide”

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SpeedClean and HVAC School have collaborated to educate contractors on the importance of coil cleaning and how vital it is to a thorough maintenance program. They have released a free guide to highlight the correct way to clean coils and share best practices. The complimentary e-book called “Coil Cleaning Guide” provides a real-world example and the data to show the real impact on efficiency and system longevity of cleaning coils.

The information included in the e-book contains:

  • Reasons for coil cleaning
  • Broad impacts of dirty coils
  • Challenges to proper coil cleaning
  • Coil cleaning preparation list
  • Cleaning tools for coils
  • Tips and best practices
  • Specific applications
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Before and after cleaning test
  • Before and after cleaning data

You can download the free “Coil Cleaning Guide” e-book here. If you would like more information on SpeedClean’s specialty professional maintenance tools and equipment, visit www.speedclean.com for product and distributor information or call 888-700-3540. You can also check out the “Mini-Split Maintenance Best Practices” e-book that SpeedClean and HVAC School developed to provide education on the proper way to clean and maintain ductless systems.