Heat Pump Water Heater Fundamentals Webinar

Coffee with Caleffi Webinar Series: Heat Pump Water Heater Fundamentals to be held July 27 from noon – 1 pm CDT 

According to Caleffi, the two primary objectives in a domestic hot water plumbing system are: 

1. Heat the water in a cost-effective manner. 

2. Deliver the water at an appropriate temperature to the plumbing fixtures. 


There are many options to accomplish both objectives using a wide variety of energy sources. One approach that is quickly gaining market share is based on heat pump technology. 

Max Rohr will cover the key criteria to consider when installing heat pump water heaters in new and existing buildings at the next Coffee with Caleffi™ webinar, Heat Pump Water Heater Fundamentals, on Thursday, July 27 from 12 noon – 1:00 p.m. CDT. 

Rohr is Caleffi’s education and industry engagement manager leading interactions with trade associations, committees, industry initiatives and collaborative manufacturer partners. He has 20+ years of work experience in installation, distribution, manufacturers’ representative and manufacturing roles. Rohr is a self-described “energy nerd.” 

The webinar coincides with the upcoming 33rd edition of idronics™, a journal of design innovation for plumbing and hydronic professionals. Subscribers to the journal will receive a complimentary copy in August. To subscribe, visit caleffi.info/idronics. 

A Certificate of Attendance is emailed to attendees following the event for continuing education audits. The monthly educational webinars are free and are intended for engineers, contractors, designers and wholesalers. 

Visit our website at caleffi.us for schedule details and registration requirements. 

Those interested in the material who are not available to attend the live webinar are still encouraged to register. A link to the recorded webinar will be emailed to registrants once the webinar archive is available.