An Instafamous Plumber

American Plumber Stories Episode 6, Strike Zone, is Coming Soon!

The season finale, Episode 6, of Pfister’s “American Plumber Stories,” features Trey Young, in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a plumber who is famous on instagram and at the local bowling alley and who is inspiring the next generation of plumbers. Watch the trailer below and stayed tuned for the episode’s release.

Strike Zone, the sixth and final episode of Season 1 of American Plumber Stories travels to St. Louis, Missouri to meet American plumber Trey Young of Plumbing Plus. Trey is famous on instagram (with over 10,000 followers @iplumbit) and is connecting with other next-gen plumbers.

The series by Pfister® aims to promote the plumbing trade to the next generation of professionals by highlighting the stories of plumbers around the nation. The bi-weekly digital series is hosted by country music entertainer and Army veteran Craig Morgan.