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Smart Actuator by GF Piping Systems

August 20, 2019
The new valve actuator "Smart Actuator" from GF Piping Systems can be fully monitored and, if required also controlled, via an app on the smartphone or tablet PC," said Sandra Schiller, Head of Product Management Industry at GF Piping Systems. Already while still in a de-energized state the actuator can communicate via NFC with the app on the tablet or smartphone After the initial start-up, the app displays existing valves with their previously assigned names. Operating instructions are not required due to the intuitive user guidance. The wireless connection enables to read data, such as cycles and the current profile. Malfunctions also appear directly in the app. Later settings or short-term overriding of the control signal can take place conveniently without direct interference with the process control system (PCS). Already during installation, the app can facilitate the later commissioning and the early integration into the piping and instrument flow diagram (P& ID) that is already part of the planning. Thanks to standardized mechanical interfaces, the actuator can be installed on any standard valve.
Smart Actuator by GF Piping Systems