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ServerCool™ CDUs Cooling 10-Percent of the World’s Most Powerful SuperComputers

August 14, 2019
Nortek™ Air Solutions’ ServerCool™ division has its coolant distribution unit (CDU) technology cooling dozens of the world’s most powerful and energy efficient supercomputers, according to the 2019 TOP500 and Green500 lists announced recently at the International Supercomputer Conference (ISC) in Frankfurt. ServerCool’s CDUs are cooling 1,246,912 cores and 2,797,604 cores in the TOP500 and Green500 supercomputer lists, respectively. More impressively, 10 of the TOP500’s first 100 supercomputers use ServerCool CDUs.
ServerCool™ CDUs Officially Cooling 10-Percent of the World’s 100 Most Powerful SuperComputers