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RheemLabs Introduces HotWave Multipurpose Hose Sprayer

July 24, 2019
Rheem introduced HotWave™, the multipurpose hose sprayer that never runs out of hot water. Using tankless water heating technology to provide endless hot water outdoors - whenever, wherever, HotWave makes cleaning dirt and grime easier to help save users time and effort when washing their homes, patios, vehicles, pets, and a variety of other items. The plug-and-play design easily attaches and works with any garden hose. By incorporating tankless water heating technology, HotWave allows users to heat and access water from a single source. For users, this means eliminating the need to go indoors to get hot water outdoors. With a maximum temperature of 110 degrees, HotWave allows users to change their water temperature instantly to accommodate all their washing needs.
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RheemLabs Introduces HotWave Multipurpose Hose Sprayer