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RectorSeal Safe-T-Switch Condensate Overflow Cutoff Switches

September 9, 2020

RectorSeal® has introduced its enhanced Safe-T-Switch® product line of low-voltage condensate overflow cutoff switches and an inline cleanout for residential and commercial air conditioning equipment. Air conditioning condensate drain pans regularly become clogged and cause property damage by overflowing. RectorSeal’s legendary overflow cutoff safety switch product line, Safe-T-Switch guards against that overflow. New technological updates to the SS1, SS2 and SS3 safety cutoff switches are now included at a similar price point. Additionally, the new SC1 inline cleanout device has built-in features for pressurizing and vacuuming condensate lines. All three Safe-T-Switch models feature a magnetic reed switch, detect clogged condensate drains to shut off A/C units, and prevent water damage to property. They will debut alongside the SC1 at HVAC wholesale distributors starting in late third quarter 2020.

RectorSeal’s patented SS1, SS2 and SS3 will be the industry’s only condensate overflow switches with a built-in, easy-access, external, hand-ratcheting float that adjusts without uninstalling or cap removal. This feature allows precise float level adjustability to minimize false shut-offs. This is just one of the many features of the updated Safe-T-Switch line.

Safe-T-Switch installation and service instruction is available free with On-Demand Training with RectorSeal, a free program for individuals or groups of HVAC service technicians.  Participants can sign up for interactive online classes with RectorSeal’s NATE-certified product trainer, Jerry Myren at .

RectorSeal Safe-T-Switch Condensate Overflow Cutoff Switches


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