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Noritz NWCC WiFi Adapter

November 10, 2019
The NWCC WiFi Adapter gives property owners and managers, as well as installing and service contractors, full online visibility over their commercial tankless water heaters, regardless of system size from a single unit to multiple units in multiple locations.An organized, web-based dashboard and alarm system keeps managers and maintenance technicians current Via multi-site monitoring and site-specific notifications, customizable alarms sent directly to designated individuals, timely service-schedule alerts, valuable troubleshooting insights, as well as other important and actionable information.The adapter can be used on a single commercial tankless water heater — say, for restaurant applications — while for multiple-unit tankless rack systems, the adapter would connect to the rack’s system controller. One adapter can monitor up to 24 units in a single system.
Noritz NWCC WiFi Adapter Offers Complete Visibility and Full Control over Commercial Tankless Water Heater Systems