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NIBCO 586HP Ball Valves

August 25, 2020
NIBCO INC. has introduced additional configurations of its 585HP (High Performance) Bronze Ball Valves line. The original 585HP line, introduced earlier this year, represented a giant leap in innovation in the ball valve market. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the lead-free 585HP ball valve line allows for easier installation, adjustability, and long service life. All 585HP valves are North American-made. They feature patented laser-welded construction, eliminating the threaded body to body-end connection. The construction allows for a higher operating pressure up to 1,000 CWP and 150 SWP, and operating temperature up to 250° F. The patent-pending top works features an easily reversible handle providing flexibility for on-site modifications, large accessible packing nut, and triple-sealed stem. These elements combine to make a valve that is easy to install, durable, and dependable all backed by a 10-year, 125 percent limited warranty.
NIBCO 586HP Ball Valves