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Lochinvar Launches RealTime O2 Feedback Technology

July 7, 2020
Lochinvar, a manufacturer of high-efficiency boilers and water heaters, has introduced new technology to monitor fuel/air ratio. RealTime O2 Feedback™ technology is now available to the public as an easy retrofit solution for new CREST® Commercial Condensing Boilers. This technology can also be added as a factory-installed option to CREST boilers in production. Lochinvar’s O2 system constantly monitors the fuel/air ratio when the boiler is running and provides a real-time report to allow for instant adjustments. RealTime O2 Feedback technology gives facility managers access to immediate combustion and carbon emissions data. Users can check O2 and CO2 levels in real time via the control panel or by using the CON·X·US® Remote Connect platform. “Combustion control and carbon emissions are at the forefront of every industry conversation, and at Lochinvar we are committed to research and development initiatives that enhance sustainability efforts and grow our already energy-efficient product lines,” said Robert Wiseman, product manager for commercial boilers at Lochinvar.
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RealTime O2 Feedback is available as an option on Lonchinvar’s CREST Condensing Boiler