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Jones Stephens Copper Stub Outs

August 14, 2020
Jones Stephens has launched a new line of Copper Stub Outs. The line is a comprehensive assortment offering a broad range of product options that delivers the quality and reliability that installers expect on the job site. Essential for any plumber, the new Stub Out product line provides a complete menu of sizes and styles that will support a job’s specific applications. Made with high quality, lead-free materials, Jones Stephens Stub Outs allow plumbers to install with confidence. Each Stub Out carries the IAPMO approval and has a one-year Jones Stephens warranty. The new line offers Stub Outs with both crimp and cold expansion designs for PEX connections with CPVC Socket connections arriving in Fall of 2020. The variety of styles include straights and elbows with and without mounting flanges and include closed end options for pressure testing. Additionally, the line includes Copper Tub/Shower Valve Connectors. 
Copper Stub Out by Jones Stephens in use