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iES Electric Upcut Tube Saw

December 2, 2020
Innovative Engineered Solutions, Inc. (iES®) has announced the launch of its new line of electric upcut tube saws. This is the latest innovation from iES and compliments the company’s other green technology products including its all-electric sizers and servo presses. This new product line includes two standard models including the eRB80 TS capable of cutting tubes up to 90mm in diameter and the eRB150 TS capable of sawing tubes up to 150mm in diameter. The saws are controlled with a standard Allen Bradley or optional Siemens PLC/HMI and uses an electric actuator for the saw blade coupled with pneumatic clamping. The control system is a digital, Ethernet based control system with advanced diagnostics, maintenance reminders, and available production information. The saws are designed with quick-change mounting for rapid changeover of tube fixtures.
iES Electric Upcut Tube Saw