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HSM PTI Launches next gen engineered foam pipe insulation

November 6, 2019
PTI, a division of HSM and major supplier of pipe insulation for the plumbing and HVAC markets, is launching the second generation of its proprietary extruded engineered foam insulation product line. Called InnoToughTM, the new patent pending product integrates the best characteristics of polyethylene (PE) and rubber insulation but is also tear resistant and suitable for cold-weather installations. Geared toward residential and light commercial HVAC and plumbing use, InnoTough is recyclable and can be used indoors and outdoors because it’s more durable and more flexible than other types of pipe insulation. It is also particularly good for HVAC use because of its superior heat resistance properties that meet the ASTM C411 temperature test required for HVAC installations. Previously, only rubber insulation could meet the requirements of C411.
HSM PTI Launches next gen engineered foam pipe insulation