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Haws® Launches Updated Cost-Efficient Emergency Overhead Tank Shower

December 4, 2018
Haws recently added a revised Overhead Tank Shower to their extensive line of emergency response solutions. Model 8740 is a cost-efficient, self-contained overhead tank shower designed for indoor installations. The compact height and modular frame design allows for placement in areas not normally considered for shower installations or in areas where there is zero or insufficient water supply. This model is ideal for projects where mobility, short lead time, and low-cost solutions are needed. The base model comes with a 330-gallon IBC tank and shroud, 6-piece galvanized steel frame and mounting feet for increased stability, as well as a showerhead for adequate drenching. Optional AXION® MSR eye/face wash, model 874301S, provides additional flushing of the eyes and face using our patented medically superior inverted flow technology. And our new Cleansing Stick, model 9084, provides water treatment to help protect against legionella, inhibits harmful pathogens, and prevents biofilm, scale, and corrosion.
Haws® Launches Updated Cost-Efficient Emergency Overhead Tank Shower