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Greenheck Louver Line Continues to Grow

April 2, 2019
Greenheck’s louver line continues to grow with the addition of wind-driven rain louver EVH-302. Featuring 3-inch deep vertical rain-resistant blades, the EVH-302 is AMCA 500-L Certified for Air Performance, Water Penetration and Wind-Driven Rain, AMCA 540 Listed for Wind Borne Debris and AMCA 550 Listed for High Velocity Wind-Driven Rain. Greenheck’s wind-driven rain louvers are designed to provide high volume intake and exhaust ventilation with maximum protection against water penetration even in the most extreme weather conditions. Louvers featuring vertical blades offer the best protection against wind-driven rain and the vertical blade offers a distinct look to a building’s facade.
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Greenheck Louver Line Continues to Grow