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Goulds Water Technology New Monitoring Device for Residential Well Pumps

April 3, 2019
The new Goulds Water Technology AqWiFi remote monitoring system, compatible with the Goulds Water Technology Aquavar SOLO2 constant pressure system, continuously monitors well systems and sends end-users and installers real-time alerts to notify them of changes in operating conditions via smartphone, computer or tablet (Apple or Android only). Wired into the Aquavar SOLO2, AqWiFi transmits live system data to a cloud server where it can be reviewed from any Apple or Android mobile device or computer. Setting up AqWiFi is quick and simple. All water professionals need is a Wi-Fi network to connect the system monitoring device. To further ensure homeowners receive real-time notifications about their well system’s operating conditions, AqWiFi is designed with a LED status light alert that notifies users if the device is connected to the internet and if system data is transferring to a cloud server. Additional features include a UL type 4-rated enclosure for indoor and outdoor use, faults with date and time stamps, the ability to view up to one year of system history for easy troubleshooting and the capability to monitor all product installations from a single app.
Goulds Water Technology New Monitoring Device for Residential Well Pumps