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General Pipe Cleaners PD-25 Auto Handy

June 7, 2021

Clearing clogged sink, tub, and laundry drains is easier with General Pipe Cleaners’ new PD-25 Auto Handy™ with automatic feed. With a miniaturized version of General’s power cable feed, the Auto Handy offers feeding speed and convenience previously unavailable in hand-held drain cleaners.

Operate Auto Handy as a hand tool – or as a power tool. Simply remove the turning handle and attach a drill for extra muscle on tough clogs. To feed cable, just squeeze the feed lever as the container rotates; to retract cable, reverse drill rotation and squeeze the lever. Auto Handy quickly clear clogs from 1-1/4" to 3" diameter lines up to 50 feet long.

Designed to withstand toughest field abuse, Auto Handy’s sturdy polyurethane drum has been drop tested, fully loaded, from 8 feet without damage. That's more than twice the height of a standard test.

Auto Handy uses industry-leader Flexicore® cables from General. Made of heavy gauge wire coiled tightly around an aircraft-type wire rope core, then heat treated, Flexicore cables offer unequalled strength with optimal flexibility.

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General Pipe Cleaners’ new PD-25 Auto Handy™ With Automatic Feed: It’s a Hand Tool. It’s a Power Tool. It’s Both!