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Fujitsu Multi-Position Air Handler

August 12, 2020
Fujitsu General America has introduced new multi-position air handler units that combine Fujitsu’s inverter heat pump technology and revolutionary side discharge outdoor units with a modular design indoor unit. The result is high efficiency, space saving, and quiet single-zone systems without compromise. Available in four sizes from 24,000 to 48,000 BTU/H, the new systems feature all-aluminum indoor unit coils, high static pressure capability, indoor sound levels as low as 24 dBA and adaptive fan motor control for optimum comfort. Minimal clearance is needed on three sides of the indoor unit, with only 21 inches clearance needed in the front for service. Down-flow and horizontal right kits come standard with each system. Field-installed electric heat kits up to 15.5kW are factory provided. External input/output interface for third-party systems is optional. WiFi compatibility is also optional so that systems can be controlled remotely through Fujitsu’s FGLair mobile app, and smart home services such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. Other optional accessories are available.
Fujitsu Multi-Position Air Handler