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Fresh-Aire UV® Introduces APCO-X for HVAC Systems

August 23, 2019
The APCO-X continues the performance tradition of the original APCO, which won the AHR Innovation Award’s IAQ category in 2011 and is currently the HVAC industry’s most advanced combination UV/activated carbon media air treatment system. It’s UL 2998-validated as zero-ozone producing. APCO-X offers many enhancements including a longer (three-year) UV lamp lifecycle for cutting-edge, airstream, evaporator coil, drain pan and interior air handling unit (AHU) disinfection. APCO-X also features a redesigned V-Twin Cell Matrix incorporating lifetime ceramic cells infused with Fresh-Aire UV’s new proprietary Carbon Catalyst for enhanced IAQ performance and a 65-percent increase in adsorption surface area compared to the original APCO system. The substrate’s catalyst agent treatment also prevents potential microbial growth. Like the original APCO system, APCO-X comes with a lifetime warranty.
Fresh-Aire UV® Introduces APCO-X for HVAC Systems