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Bell & Gossett Air and Sediment Separator

April 7, 2021

Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, has announced the expansion of the energy-efficient CRS Coalescing-Style Air & Sediment Separator product line. The new CRS line removes 100% of air impurities in hydronic HVAC systems and is built in the U.S.A. The extended CRS line, available for use in any HVAC system, helps break entrained air and suspended solids out of system fluid, efficiently removing these contaminants and improving heat transfer and energy efficiency.


“This expansion to our CRS product line provides our customers next-level adaptability for commercial systems,” said Chris Kerback, Bell & Gossett product line manager, Engineered Specialties. “Now with even greater variety of sizes, connections and configurations, the Bell & Gossett CRS line improves contaminant control in any HVAC system design.”


With lower energy use and its robust design, the CRS helps protect pumps, boilers and other components, improving and prolonging the life of a system. The CRS separator’s internal coalescing media efficiently removes up to 100 percent of fluid contaminants, including entrained and free air and suspended solids out of HVAC systems, improving heat transfer capabilities and resulting in energy efficiencies.

Xylem Bell & Gossett Air and Sediment Separator