Sonoma Forge Residential Touchless Faucet

Reduce the spread of disease and bacteria while washing hands with USA-Made Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology by Sonoma Forge

Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology by Sonoma Forge

Washing hands is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases such as COVID-19. Hands-free hand washing can also reduce the spread of harmful germs that can make people sick. Bacteria and viruses can linger on faucet handles extended periods of time, where they can be picked up when turning the water on and off.

Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology by Sonoma Forge eliminates the need to touch faucet handles, eliminating the transfer of harmful pathogens found on traditional faucet handles. With no visible sensors, Sans Hands faucets help keep homeowners, as well as those in hospitality and commercial settings, safe and healthy.

“Our Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology offers an effective, germ-free way to address concerns over the spread of disease and bacteria,” says Erik Ambjor, Sonoma Forge President. “Plus, since it uses electromagnetism rather than visible sensors, the technology is a vast improvement over outdated, infrared systems.”

One of a limited number of manufacturers to offer touch-free hand washing technology for the home, Sonoma Forge created Sans Hands technology by combining a low-voltage current with an electromagnetic field. When a user approaches the faucet and interrupts the electromagnetic field, the faucet valve opens to begin the flow of water. When the user walks away, the water stops, which also aids water conservation. In addition to offering superior hygiene, touchless faucets make it easier to keep the bathroom clean, as there are no handles to collect water spots and soapy buildup.

A perfect fit for today’s modern industrial styles, Sans Hands are available using the spouts from the versatile WherEver series, the rugged CiXX collection and the modern Strap line. They come in wall- and deck-mount configurations and offer a suite of coordinating bath accessories.

Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology by Sonoma Forge