Saniflo USA Sanicom 2

The Sanicom 2 heavy-duty, duplex drain pump is designed for handling high-volume, high-temperature, commercial applications. Two pumps remove water, grease and corrosive chemicals and offer redundancy to keep businesses operational.

Saniflo USA, a division of Group SFA, a leader in above-the-floor macerating and grinding toilets and drain pumps, is offering a more powerful companion to its popular Sanicom simplex drain pump. The Sanicom 2 is equipped with two, 2-horsepower, 220-volt motors for handling multiple commercial fixtures that must process large volumes of high-temperature water, grease or chemicals.

The Sanicom 2 duplex drain pump can move up to 140 gallons of fluid per minute, with both pumps automatically activating simultaneously when the incoming flow rate exceeds that of a single pump. Like the Sanicom 1, the new duplex model can handle fluids up to 194°F, making it ideal for industrial-scale dishwashers, commercial washing machines, hydroponic crop growing, as well as any other commercial and industrial applications requiring wastewater evacuation.

With horsepower ratings higher than other Saniflo systems, the Sanicom 2 discharges effluent through a 1.5-inch pipe vertically 32 feet, horizontally 390 feet, or a combination of both. (A vertical run of 3 feet is equal to a horizontal run of 30 feet.) The pump comes equipped with built-in check valves on the discharge of each motor.

Critical, built-in redundancy

The dual-motor technology brings not only more pumping power to high-demand commercial applications, but also invaluable pump redundancy. If one motor requires servicing, the second serves as an essential backup, keeping operations going in the interim.

IAPMO-listed and carrying the UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) logo, the Sanicom 2’s duplex technology is an excellent fit for many U.S. locales and jurisdictions, notes Regis Saragosti, CEO of SFA Saniflo North America. “Many states and municipalities now require duplex pumping systems for certain commercial applications. That’s because so many commercial entities simply cannot afford any downtime. ‘Always operational’ is a critical need, one that the powerful duplex technology of the Sanicom 2 is fully able to meet.”

Key Features

The Sanicom 2 provides numerous features that make it well-equipped for demanding commercial applications. Fail-safe activation is provided through three different pressure switches, each installed in its own internal dip tube, making it nearly impossible for the units to fail to activate with incoming fluids. The unit also offers quiet operation and an installer-friendly design. The Sanicom 2 is built to keep maintenance to a minimum, but if servicing is needed, it is also designed for ease of service access. The Sanicom 2 enclosure is made of rugged, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that is engineered to resist corrosion from hot grease and harsh chemicals likely to be found in heavy-duty commercial applications.

“As an ‘above-the-floor’ plumbing solution, capable of quickly handling large quantities of extremely hot waste water, grease and chemicals, the Sanicom 2 is unlike any other commercial drain pump on today’s market,” says Regis Saragosti. “Installers, engineers and facility managers will find it a highly reliable product for keeping their systems fully operational.”

Saniflo USA Sanicom 2

The Sanicom 2 drain pump is designed for handling high-volume, high-temperature, commercial applications.