Carrier Introduces Innovative EcoBlue Technology to Weather Series Packaged Heat Pumps

The industry’s first beltless direct-drive vane axial fan now available in rooftop packaged heat pumps.

Carrier has announced that its innovative EcoBlue Technology is now available in its Weather Series packaged rooftop heat pump units. These products join the popular gas and electric heating products already available with EcoBlue Technology, completing a full line of EcoBlue products for customers to choose from.

These new units will replace the current Weather Series heat pump offerings and provide customers with the features and benefits of EcoBlue Technology found in the other Weather Series rooftop units, as well as an increase in efficiency ratings from the equivalent previous offerings.

Most notable of EcoBlue Technology’s many features is the exclusive beltless direct-drive vane axial fan system – an industry first for rooftop units when introduced in 2018. This patented technology replaces traditional belts and pulleys with a simpler, more compact design, all with 75% fewer moving parts. The outdoor fan system’s high-density composite blade fan is also an exclusive design. Both fans are dynamically balanced for quieter operation. Other technological advances that differentiate these units include a new control board and coil technology that uses proven round tube, plate fin designs, increased factory options and a tool-less filter access door.

Additionally, to make unit set up and service simpler, the new unit control board offers dedicated indoor fan setup with a large field wiring terminal connection, an intuitive speed dial and switch operation. These are the first commercial rooftop heat pumps to offer an optional SystemVuTM control, which brings the benefits of a large text display, quick LED status, and smarter diagnostics by providing ongoing, real-time information to help ensure the efficient operation and optimum performance of the unit.

Weather Series rooftop heat pump units with EcoBlue Technology are equally suitable for new construction or replacement applications where comfort, performance, high efficiency and reliability are essential.

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Carrier EcoBlue Technology

Carrier’s EcoBlueTechnology is now available in its Weather Series packaged rooftop heat pump units.