Carrier AquaForce 30XV

The Carrier AquaForce 30XV variable-speed air-cooled screw chiller is now available with evaporative pre-cooling. The new feature, which can generate significant savings, increase overall HVAC efficiency, works with virtually any air-cooled HVAC unit.

Carrier has announced the availability of evaporative pre-cooling technology on the AquaForce® 30XV product line. This technology harnesses the power of evaporation to lower ambient air temperatures entering Carrier’s 30XV chiller – helping to reduce chiller power consumption, increase reliability and extend the life of the chiller.

Evaporative pre-cooling technology works by spraying a fine mist of water within patented, pre-cooling frames, which are attached to Carrier’s 30XV chiller. As air is pulled across the pre-cooling frames and into the chiller, the outside air is cooled via evaporation. This technology operates using a sophisticated controller employing algorithms that spray the least amount of water needed to achieve optimal evaporation, thus delivering the highest energy savings with the lowest water usage. This technology can be added to virtually any existing air-cooled chiller to help enhance performance.

The system monitors and reports unit performance and energy savings in real time to its cloud-based network operation center. Evaporative technology can help make a 100-degree F day feel like an 80-degree F day. This technology can save building owners money on their utility bills and help to improve the performance of the 30XV on hot summer days. The evaporative pre-cooling system also helps protect coils from debris and damage, potentially extending the life of the equipment and reducing overall maintenance.

“It is important for Carrier to continue to add improved technologies to increase the value of our chillers in order to meet our customers’ needs,” said Meredith Emmerich, Vice President, North America Commercial HVAC, Carrier. “We’re proud to offer evaporative pre-cooling to our customers, and we know that they will appreciate the enhanced performance this feature will provide. Not only does this technology increase efficiency, it can also help reduce maintenance and extend the life of the equipment.”

The AquaForce 30XV line was developed to ensure optimum performance in an air-cooled solution that’s easy to install, easy to service, highly reliable and quiet. The 30XV delivers industry leading efficiency and low sound. The smaller footprint 30XV can replace just about all older equipment going back two generations. The 30XV can be customized to fit most building needs in any region. With value-added features, the 30XV is made for versatility, robustness and efficiency. Its user-friendly control with

color touchscreen display is self-optimizing, enabling the 30XV to run at optimum performance at any given set of conditions.

Carrier AquaForce 30XV