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ACCA Announces Paula Huband Director of Events

August 21, 2023
Paula Huband
Paula Huband, incoming Director of Events, ACCA

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has announced the hiring of Florida executive Paula Huband as its next Director of Events. In this role, Huband will oversee all aspects of ACCA's national education and networking events, including ACCA 2024 and more focused leadership development programs like ACCA Next Level – coming to Indianapolis October 16-17.

Since 2017, Huband has served as Executive Director of the Florida Refrigeration Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRACCA) – ACCA's allied contracting organization in Florida and co-host of the ACCA 2024 in Orlando, March 11-14, 2024. Huband has also served as Executive Director for ACCA of Central Florida (ACCA/CF) since 2015 and owns a printing, marketing, and promotional products company—IdeaGirl Solutions—building on three decades of experience in the printing industry.

Huband will join the ACCA team on September 1, 2023, allowing time for FRACCA and ACCA/CF to hire and onboard their new Executive Director, Erica Mattis.

“Facilitating a smooth leadership transition for FRACCA and ACCA/CF was very important for us in considering this hire on the eve of our joint program, ACCA 2024," said Barton James, ACCA president & CEO. "I'm excited that we'll now have two dynamic leaders in place to ensure the success of the upcoming conference and future collaboration; it's a win-win-win for all three organizations."

During her tenure, Huband grew ACCA/CF membership from 51 to 125 and reinvigorated their apprenticeship program. She took FRACCA from seven chapters to nine, launched a successful advocacy day in Tallahassee, and organized four FRACCA educational conferences – one of the country's most robust state contracting conferences. She has also shown extraordinary initiative and creativity in launching various smaller events like this year's FRACCA-at-Sea educational cruise.

"Having joined me at the very first site visit of our ACCA 2024 venue, participated in recent ACCA events, and served on our Speakers Subcommittee, I can think of no individual better equipped to hit the ground running as Director of Events," said Sean Robertson, ACCA's vice president of membership and business operations. "I was particularly impressed that Paula had already lined up all 10 of FRACCA's sessions for ACCA 2024 a full year in advance, and I'm excited to see her deep familiarity with contractor needs translate into stronger peer-led content going forward."