2021 – What Tech Do We Expect?


The more expensive phones are worth purchasing for the sake of reliability, processor speed, and superior battery life.

Can we all agree that 2020 was a year that most of us would rather forget? We have the promise of a new year ahead of us and we’re looking forward to better times in 2021. With that in mind, let’s discuss some thoughts and suggestions for tech in the upcoming year.

This is the year that we will see 5G being rolled out in many parts for the country. Mobility, the ability to use tech outside of the office or shop, is where we expect to see a lot more movement. In almost every sector, we expect that Mobility is going to become and stay the buzzword for the foreseeable future. We don’t expect the world to go back to what it was before. 5G will bring high speed internet to urban areas, making working in these locations easier tech-wise. Even in areas without 5G broadband, 4G phones can still become a hotspot and be the mobile ethernet switch for smart watches, laptops, tablets, and trucks. What does this mean for your company?


Here are a few things to consider when buying some new tech. When purchasing new equipment, consider buying only standard SSD (solid state drives) or preferably, M2 SSDs for laptops. Don’t put a spinning disk (standard hard drive) in the field. They are MUCH more prone to failure due to the moving parts. Also, don’t buy cheap phones. In all honesty, the more expensive phones are worth purchasing for the sake of reliability, processor speed, and superior battery life. Look for devices that charge from USB-C chargers as they charge exponentially faster than older USB devices. Many of the new laptops use this format. For mobile charging, a device like the 72W Type-C Car Charger from Satechi (satechi.net) will be able to charge your iPhone, Android Phone, laptop, and tablet while on the go. Anytime you can unify the type of equipment you use, it’s a good thing.

Thinking with mobility in mind should allow you to structure your company’s procedures to reduce trips back and forth to an office or hub. Think about how you can better equip all of your employees to operate remotely. If there is another forced shutdown due to COVD or other event, can your company still operate? As an example, our company, WTE Solutions, has developed kits that were built to help deliver support. These kits, consisting of basic technology such as mice, keyboards, and headsets are stored in multiple home locations in addition to our headquarters. If needed, they are available for use by our employees. The expense of these devices compared to our company losing one or two days of billable time is extremely small.

Eric Garrison

Eric Garrison is the CEO of WTE Solutions Inc., which hosts over 1000 business websites in the eCommerce, business services, medical and financial markets. In addition to developing custom client-driven software applications, Garrison has created several proprietary technologies over the past 15 years.