CDC Guidance at a Glance—Minimize Legionella Risk

Guidance from the Center for Disease Control on minimizing Legionella Risk

Guidance from the CDC on minimizing Legionella risk

The Center for Disease Control has published guidance on minimizing the risk of Legionella. A summary is given below. For more comprehensive information, please visit

  • Develop a comprehensive water management plan.
  • Get Training.
  • Get help with special situations such as hotels.
  • Hot tubs and spas need special attention.
  • Protect vulnerable populations at health-care facilities.
  • Protect employees by preventing occupational exposure.
  • Ensure water heaters are properly maintained and the temperature is correctly set. Consult manufacturuer guidelines regarding draining during periods of non-use. Take measures to prevent scalding.
  • Flush the entire water system at all points.
  • Clean fountains and other decorative water features.
  • Cooling Towers should be cleaned and all manufacturers’ recommended maintenance performed
  • Safety Equipment including sprinkler systems, eye wash stations, and safety showers should receive maintenance and cleaning.  These systems should be regularly cleaned, flushed and disinfected.
  • Work with your Local Utility
  • Document your efforts!

The CDC has published extensive guidance regarding minimizing Legionella Risk. For more detailed information from the CDC as well as other sources to help in your day to day combat with Legionella, visit