United Enertech Acquires Evergreen UV

Air movement product manufacturer United Enertech has aquired Evergreen, a manufacturer of air and surface disinfection products. Both companies are based in Tennessee.

Evergreen UV Joins the United Enertech Family of Companies

United Enertech Holdings, LLC (“UE”) announced it has acquired Evergreen UV LLC (“Evergreen”), a Tennessee-based privately held manufacturer of Ultraviolet (“UV”) Germicidal Air Irradiation (“UVGI”) products.

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United Enertech designs, develops, and manufactures mechanical and architectural air movement and control products, primarily for the commercial, industrial, and power generation markets. Its products include dampers, louvers, roof curbs and rails, sunshades, grills/diffusers, access doors, and ventilators.

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Evergreen is a manufacturer of UVGI products serving a broad array of end markets, including: healthcare, educational, institutional, commercial, office and residential. Evergreen’s proprietary suite of products are highly effective in the killing of viruses, bacteria, and other airborne and surface microbials in all indoor environments. The company offers a complete selection of UVGI air and surface disinfection products. Multiple model options are available to target air contamination in high-risk areas (upper-room air disinfection), whole-facility air contamination (HVAC in-duct disinfection), and highly-targeted surface contamination (portable and stationary air and surface disinfection products).

“We are extremely excited to be part of the United Enertech family of companies,” said Evergreen UV’s President, David Skelton. “We already can see the difference in our ability to produce and deliver products – especially in this critical COVID-19 environment – and look forward to better serving all of our customers for new and existing buildings, now and in the future.”

UE CEO, Ken Trent added, “Evergreen UV has built an industry leading reputation in the air purification market and is a great fit with United Enertech’s manufacturing capabilities and market channels. They provide products that are complementary to our distribution and further expand our growing portfolio. They have developed the broadest offering of germicidal UV devices in the industry, like their Emergency Disinfection Units, that are in great demand in today’s building environments. We look forward to providing Evergreen’s extensive offering to United Enertech’s large, diverse customer base.” 

UE currently operates four manufacturing facilities consisting of 400,000 sq. ft. of space across Alabama, Arizona, and Tennessee. Evergreen UV joins United Enertech, Air Performance, and Metal Form as part of a growing portfolio of commercial building product manufacturers.

United Enertech