SFA Group Brand Refresh

Saniflo parent SFA Group has announced a brand refresh with a newly updated international website that centers around a global vision.

Saniflo SFA, a global leader in above-the-floor macerating and grinding toilets and drain pumps, recently completed a new group website as part of its evolving sales and marketing strategy. The improved website is designed to strengthen the group’s visibility, provide a global vision of SFA’s activities, and highlight the corporate’s social responsibility and values.

Founded nearly 65 years ago, Saniflo SFA is present in over five continents and 70 countries, with 27 subsidiaries worldwide.

“It’s a major milestone for the company,” says Regis Saragosti, CEO of Saniflo North America. “This new branding positions Saniflo’s growing ambition to move the industry forward.”

“We are here to help save the planet,” he continues. “We have worked diligently to reduce our carbon footprint by adopting environmentally responsible practices in the design of our products; one of the ways is by saving raw materials and preferring recyclable materials.”

Saniflo SFA Group website