R.E. Michel Leads Contest to Banish Mercury

R.E. Michel Leads TRC’s Banish Mercury Off the Planet Contest

R.E. Michel leads Thermostat Recycling Corp.’s (TRC) Banish Mercury Off the Planet (BMOP) contest after almost three months of the competition. In second place is Johnstone Supply, followed by Refrigeration Sales Corp. 

“We have seen a slight decrease in contest results compared with last year at this time,” said Danielle Myers, Executive Director, TRC. “However, it is clear that our wholesale partners continue to recover and safely recycle mercury-containing thermostats. Their collective effort demonstrates the will and a continued effort to remove these older units wherever they remain.”

The collections from the front-runner wholesalers include:

Top 3 Wholesalers — Pounds of Mercury

R. E. Michel Co. — 24.1

Johnstone Supply — 20.0

Refrigeration Sales — 6.3  

TRC reports that 96.2 pounds of mercury, including 8,954 mercury-containing thermostats, have been recycled from 44 wholesalers and over 150 branches through July in the BMOP contest, which began May 1 and ends Oct. 31.

The contest recognizes members of Heating Air-Conditioning Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) that collect the most mercury-containing thermostats. During HARDI’s annual conference, TRC publicly acknowledges the top three recyclers in various categories. The conference is in Phoenix this year, from Dec. 2 to 5.

HARDI is the largest trade association representing HVACR distributors in the United States.

“We are pleased to see the continued participation of so many wholesalers during this initial part of the contest,” Myers said. “Still, we shouldn’t forget that the competition is ongoing until Oct. 31. I hope this notice spurs the competitive instincts of our partners to enter or add to their results before the contest deadline. The motivation of a safe environment for all should be an earnest motivator for all.”

Danielle Myers

Danielle Myers, Executive Director, Thermostat Recycling Corp

Thermostat Recycling Corp