Plumbing Pipe Advocate Urges Pipe Replacement

The Plumbing Pipe Advocate draws attention to plumbing pipe lifespan, an issue about which few new homeowners are knowledgeable.

The Plumbing Pipe Advocate is urging residential plumbing contractors nationwide to focus a portion of their business on repipes for existing single-family homes. There is a desperate need for this service. Most single-family homes in the United States are over 30 years old. Many of these homes need their entire plumbing system replaced. Homeowners are frequently stunned to learn their 40 year old galvanized pipe or 60 year old copper pipe is at the end of its lifespan. Most homeowners do not realize that a repipe of their home will probably cost under $10,000, including wall repairs. The Plumbing Pipe Advocate group believes residential home repipe-plumbing system restoration is a potential multi-billion-dollar a year business nationwide.

Some newer pipes may need to be replaced as well due to materials that haven’t  stood the test of time or inferior original quality. The Plumbing Pipe Advocate documents problems with commonly used pipes and fittings. They are also launching a Repipe Initiative by partnering with dependable plumbing companies and manufacturers.

The Plumbing Pipe Advocate’s number one goal is protecting America’s home buyers and homeowners from defective plumbing pipes and pipes that need to be replaced because of age. The Advocate is urging homeowners to avoid a band-aid approach for plumbing pipes that need to be replaced. The group is urging homeowners and homebuilders to only use only highly regarded local plumbers and quality plumbing pipe and plumbing fittings that are made in the USA.

For more information on identifying problems, replacing existing pipes, or partnering with the Repipe Initiative, visit

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