Patrick Aquino receives AIM/R Golden Eagle Award

Oatey Co. Senior Vice President, Wholesale, received the AIM/R in recognition of outstanding partnership and commitment to the manufacturers’ representative channel.

Oatey Co., has announced that Patrick Aquino, Senior Vice President of Wholesale has been honored with the prestigious AIM/R Golden Eagle Award for his exceptional partnership and unwavering commitment to the manufacturers’ representative channel. 

The award, presented by the Association of Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives, Inc. (AIM/R), celebrates senior-level management individuals who have demonstrated a proven track record of utilizing manufacturers’ reps as the most efficient and cost-effective method of going to market. Presented annually at the group’s conference, this highly regarded accolade not only celebrates the accomplishments of exceptional leaders but also highlights manufacturers’ representatives’ crucial role in the industry.

AIM/R is dedicated to enhancing the quality and value of professional manufacturers’ representatives in the plumbing, heating, and cooling industry. The association delivers premier educational programs and opportunities to advance industry knowledge, standing, and professionalism while advocating for manufacturers’ representatives. 

To be nominated for the AIM/R Golden Eagle Award, candidates must work cooperatively with manufacturers’ representatives and maintain a positive working relationship. They must also promote and positively influence the industry by providing quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. Efficient communication, prompt order filling, and payment of commissions are also essential qualities sought in nominees.

“Patrick’s commitment to partnership and maintaining positive relationships with manufacturers’ representatives has solidified Oatey Co.’s position as a leader in the plumbing industry. We are proud to honor him with the AIM/R Golden Eagle Award,” said Brian Morgan, Chair of the Board for AIM/R. 

“Thank you AIM/R community. I am truly grateful for this remarkable recognition. The rep community has played an invaluable role in Oatey’s success, and I am honored to be a part of it,” said Aquino.

With nearly two decades of experience in sales and business development, Aquino has established himself as a seasoned executive with profound knowledge of the plumbing industry. He joined Oatey Co. almost eight years ago as Northeast Regional Sales Manager and has since risen through the ranks, assuming positions such as National Sales Manager, Director of Rough Plumbing and Commercial Sales, and most recently, Vice President, Wholesale.

Previous AIM/R Golden Eagle Award recipients include Steve Woodford of WCM Industries in 2022 and Matt Kozak of Bradford White Corp. in 2021. A complete list of past recipients can be found online. 

Patrick Aquino of Oatey receives the Golden Eagle Award

Patrick Aquino of Oatey receives the Golden Eagle Award from AIM/R