Noritz Announces Sunbelt Marketing Representation

Noritz has teamed up with Atlanta-based Sunbelt Marketing to serve the Southeast tankless water heater market. The manufacturer’s representative will work with the Noritz sales team to promote tankless water heaters in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

Noritz America has announced that Sunbelt Marketing, Inc., based in Austell, Georgia, will help cover the Southeast tankless water heater market. The master distributor and buy/sell manufacturer’s representative will work alongside Noritz’s sales team staff in that region.

Representing the complete Noritz line of residential and commercial tankless water heaters and residential combination boilers, Sunbelt personnel will serve as a commission-based rep for the brand to the entire plumbing and heating chain of distribution, calling not only on wholesalers, but also contractors, builders, and inspectors, as well as specifying engineers.

Richard Goldsmith, Marketing Manager at Sunbelt Marketing adds, “We are certainly excited to have this opportunity to keep promoting tankless technology in our region — one of the largest tankless markets in the country — working with a pioneer in the field and a prominent and focused player in the water heating industry. Like Noritz, we are dedicated to contributing to the growth of energy-efficient, hot-water solutions.”

A long-time member of the Association of Industry Manufacturers’ Representatives (AIM/R), Sunbelt Marketing is led by Tom Menefee, President. The employee-owned company has more than 160 associates, including 40 outside salespeople covering parts or all of 13 different states, from Virginia to Texas, for various plumbing, piping and HVAC manufacturers. The Sunbelt sales team has more than 250 years of combined industry experience.

Noritz and Sunbelt Marketing

From left to right: Scott Smith (Sunbelt Marketing), Chris Martin (Noritz), Aidan Hall (Sunbelt Marketing), Tim Ramsey (Sunbelt Marketing), John Wood (Sunbelt Marketing), Tyler Sims (Sunbelt Marketing), Drew Armstrong (Sunbelt Marketing), Richard Goldsmith (Sunbelt Marketing), and Kenny Strickland (Sunbelt Marketing).


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