LG to Increase Use of Recycled Plastic

LG Electronics has set the goal of using more than half a million tons of post-consumer plastics by 2030.

LG Electronics (LG) has announced its goal to use almost 600,000 tonnes of recycled plastic by 2030 in a concerted effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the value chain. The goal is a part of LG’s larger initiative to create a take-back ecosystem for electronic waste and increase the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. In 2020, LG utilized approximately 20,000 tonnes of recycled plastic in its products which it plans to increase more than tenfold by 2025.

While recycled plastic is currently used inside LG air conditioners and other appliances, LG will expand the use of recycled plastic to the exterior of its products as well. In addition to utilizing more recycled plastic, LG is also reducing the use of virgin plastic throughout its operations.

LG is also increasing the target amount of take-back electronic waste from its 2006 figure of 4.5 million tonnes to over 8 million tonnes by 2030. LG is implementing initiatives to take back and recycle electronic waste in 52 countries. LG is focusing its efforts on reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire product life cycle from production and transportation to use and disposal. 

LG Recycling Center

LG Recycling Center