Elkay Expands American Manufacturing

Family-owned Elkay is continuing their century-long investment in American manufacturing, increasing U.S. employment opportunities in manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Elkay has announced the planned expansion of their manufacturing facility in Lanark, IL along with continued investment in distribution facilities throughout the U.S.

The additional capacity was prompted by increased demand for the company’s drinking water products for both residential and commercial spaces. Demand has steadily increased in past years, but due to an increasing emphasis on health and need for hands-free products, the company has seen immense growth over the past year.

“With the pandemic, healthy homes and spaces have become a number one priority for our consumers and with this trend we’ve seen an exponential increase in demand for our hands-free products,” says Kraig Kniss, Vice President of Operations for Elkay’s Plumbing business. “Previously convenience, taste and sustainability were among the leading drivers of demand for these products, but the recent pandemic has led our customers across the nation and around the world to re-examine how they are meeting the need to provide safe access to clean drinking water in both residential and commercial spaces.”

“In addition to providing new employment opportunities to maximize the investment and adjust for the growing demand, the newly expanded facility will provide greater flexibility for our manufacturing operations as well,” said Joe Lentini, Plant Manager for the Northwestern, Illinois manufacturing plants in Lanark and Savanna, as well as the distribution facility in nearby Freeport, IL.

The expansion of both the manufacturing and distribution facilities are an ongoing conscious effort of Elkay to increase American manufacturing and provide additional job opportunities throughout the U.S. Additional distribution locations have also been imperative to the company’s growth, allowing for decreased lead times, ensuring customers receive their orders as quick as possible.

The company has recently launched a series of new hands-free accessories and products to provide more hygienic options.

Elkay American Manufacturing