AIM/R Inducts Bill Near into Hall of Fame

Bill Near was posthumously inducted into AIM/R Hall of Fame at this year’s Annual Conference.

The Association of Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives (AIM/R) posthumously inducted Bill Near into the AIM/R Hall of Fame at the 49th Annual Conference in San Diego. The AIM/R Hall of Fame was established in 2015 to formally memorialize and honor the significant contributions of its founding members and others who have been instrumental in building the organization’s foundation and charting its course

Bill Near had a legendary six-decade career in New York, with twists and turns that were challenging in the moment — yet he seemed to have a golden touch that never failed him. The plumbing industry had been Near’s livelihood — and life — since he started working in 1946. Near began his career in contracting and then made a name for himself in sales with several plumbing and heating manufacturers. In the 1960’s, Near was a partner with  David Carter of the R. David Carter Corp. and helped pioneer the Delta line in the New York market. In the early 1970’s, Near both served on the board of directors of the newly founded AIM/R and founded William K. Near & Associates with former colleague Ted Borsari. The company represented a long list of prestigious brands in the  New York, New Jersey and Connecticut markets.

Near retired in 2005 and passed away in 2007. His son, Richard Near, also a manufacturer’s rep, remarked of his father, “He was a glass half-full man from the get-go who truly lived every day of his life. My dad always was optimistic, impeccably dressed and wore a smile on his face. He had a passion for the plumbing industry, and he loved AIM/R. ”

AIM-R Hall of Fame Award

The AIM/R Hall of Fame Award

Bill Near

Bill Near

Richard Near

Bill Near’s son, Richard Near, accepts the AIM/R Hall of Fame Award for his father