Sump Pumps

Shipped out for Flood Relief

Hurricane Florence that hit the coast of the Carolinas in 2018 left many in a situation of devastating flooding and water damage. Several manufacturing leaders in the pumps industry, including Zoeller, acted proactively and instinctively, sending help to thousands of customers near the coast. SouthernPHC magazine spoke with Zoeller about prepping and shipping pumps to the areas expected to be affected weeks before the storm even hit.

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

The M53 pump is a part of the 50 Series of sump pumps by Zoeller. The entire series is float-operated and submersible with a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated epoxy finish. The 50 series is designed for residential dewatering or effluent use. The M53 features a cast iron switch case, motor and pump housing along with a stainless steel guard and handle. The M53 also has an engineered, glass filled, plastic impeller with a metal insert and an engineered thermoplastic base.

Zoeller shipped 15,000 M53s during the two to three weeks before Florence was expected to hit the Carolinas’ coast.

“It’s was just second nature for us, helping customers is what we do.” — Bill Zoeller