Sump Pumps

Shipped out for Flood Relief

Hurricane Florence that hit the coast of the Carolinas in 2018 left many in a situation of devastating flooding and water damage. Several manufacturing leaders in the pumps industry, including Liberty Pumps, acted proactively and instinctively, sending help to thousands of customers near the coast. SouthernPHC magazine spoke with Liberty Pumps about prepping and shipping pumps to the areas expected to be affected weeks before the storm even hit.

Liberty Pumps 250 Series

The 250 series is known as the “workhorse” sump pump line of Liberty Pumps. The pumps are one-piece and have a cast iron body. The epoxy powder finish and vortex style impeller ensure a durable and dependable product. The line is versatile, having three different switch options and a vertical magnetic float design for smaller pits.

Two weeks prior to the storm, approximately 1,400 pumps from the 250, 240, and S-30 series were sent to Liberty Pump’s rep agency, Snider, Inc. in Charlotte, N.C., where they were then divided up and shipped to wholesale customers in the areas expecting major flooding.

“These pumps were chosen for the job because of their durability and ability to continue running without getting jammed.” – Pat Medlen, Southeast Regional Manager