Legend Valve at AHR Expo 2019

The AHR Expo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia definitely didn’t disappoint when it came to showcasing new products. Legend Valve is one of many companies that Southern PHC visited at the show.

Legend Valve


Between show related speaking engagements, Bill Werthman could be found in the Legend valve booth discussing the newest innovations by Legend Valve. Legend Valve offers a full line of innovative products for plumbing, commercial, industrial and radiant / hydronic applications. Legend is an industry leader in manufacturing of HyperPure® PE-RT potable water tube in Auburn Hills, Michigan. HyperPure is a Biomodal Polyethylene, Raised Temperature (PE-RT) tubing. It is the first flexible plastic hot and cold potable water tube that is 100% recyclable. Brands: HyperPure®, VersaTherm®, QuickTherm®, LegendFlex®, Legend Hydronics®, LegendPress®, DownstreamThinking®, LegendConnectTM